karma digital eBook Empowered a Team to Bring SEO In-House, Let Go of Their Agency and Save Over $14k per Month!

Challenge: A technology company relied heavily on their SEO agency, but wasn’t seeing the results they needed. The CEO had a strong SEO background and questioned the large spend for mediocre results. He challenged his team to come up with a different solution than the traditional SEO agency.


  • Train the entire Product Team, they are already experts on the topics that needed content but didn’t understand SEO
  • Jointly, create a focused strategy around their internal structure. This dispersed the content creation across the product experts and gave the product experts focus for what to write about.
  • Add visibility into performance- product owners weren’t incentivised to care about SEO until they went through the training and realized the impact it could have done correctly. Together, we decided on Google Analytics dashboards that would give the product team visibility into what worked/didn’t work and the sales calls that resulted from their SEO content


  • Client saved over $14k per month!! That’s $168k a year
  • The content creation was left to the experts… better content will always lead to better results
  • Product owners were motivated to focus on SEO content because they could directly see the impact to sales… the more sales driven by SEO efforts, the more time they want to put into creating the best content